What is Butter


Today we talk about how the butter comes from

Butter, also known as milk fat and butterfat, is made by separating cream from skim milk to make cream mature and stirred. The biggest difference between butter and cream is the composition. Butter has a higher fat content. High quality butter is light yellow in color, uniform and delicate in texture, no water exudation on the cut surface, and fragrant in smell.

Butter can be divided into raw butter (made directly from raw milk), ultra-fine butter (only pasteurized milk or cream without refrigeration) and fine butter (partially frozen milk). In taste, it can also be divided into original flavor, half salt and salted butter

Butter nutrition is the first of dairy products. Butter made from milk is rich in nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, glycosylated neurophospholipid, cholesterol, and butter. It is also very fragrant for cooking. It can be eaten by frying fish, frying steak, baking bread and smearing bread. It is not only rich in nutrients, but also very fragrant, mellow and delicious.

Next, we will talk about the preservation of butter.

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