Cookies that melt in the mouth

butter cookies recipe

Soft cookies

Be sure to control the state of butter, whether it is whipped or softened, it directly affects the shape of the final product

Materials used

Unsalted Butter 200 g

Powdered sugar 53 G

low-gluten flour 124 G

Powdered Milk 5 g

corn starch 65 g

salt 1.5g

High gluten powder 65 g



  1. Soften the butter and add salt
  2. Beat a few circles at low speed until the salt melts. Add sugar
  3. Continue beating until the butter turns white and the volume expands
  4. Add all the powder at one time (without sieving) and stir with a scraper
  5. Beat the egg beater at low speed until the dry powder is invisible
  6. Take out the batter and rub it on the chopping board until the batter is smooth and not sticky
  7. The flower mounting mouth is put into the flower mounting bag. You can choose according to your preference
  8. Extrusion pattern
  9. After squeezing, put it into the preheated oven at 150 ℃ for 30-40 minutes. Adjust according to the color of the cookies


  • If you want the cookies to be uncolored, bake them at low temperature.
  • To judge whether the cookie is ripe or not, you can press the bottom or top of the cookie with your hand. If it is soft, it must not be ripe.
  • Don't soften the butter too much.
  • Don't take it out after baking, you can stew it in the oven for a while.
  • For the first baking, it is recommended to bake the cookies at 130-140 degrees, and then adjust the baking temperature and time according to the color of the cookies.

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