About Us

As a teenager, Cupid, the God of love,shot her and him. They met, they fell in love, and they got married.She was the master of the kitchen at home and likes to delve new menus,he always enjoys tasting her masterpieces.
In 2017,she was pregnant and had a strong reaction to vomiting.The morning sickness decrease her appetite,which made him have no idea and make a decision to cook good taste meals for her by himself.But it is not easy for this inexperienced man,not only the menu selection,but also the unsuitable cooker and the trouble of cleaning,all the mess situation bothered him.He realized that small kitchen but big project,cooking is not a easy work absolutely.He began to improve new kitchenware into easy-to-use,and made sense.The experience gave him a lot of confidence and he decided to design his own products,which gain a big encouragement of his wife.
Then he established a brand:Nucookery.After many attempts and adjustments, considering the safety of entering the oven and dishwasher, in order to make the cooking process more convenient and simple, they decided to use high-quality ceramics as raw materials and designed the first baking pan.
NUCOOKERY is a brand image about the guys pursuing a better quality of life,refusing to go with flow.
Nucookery makes sense of a new intention in cooking,a creative idea in cooker and a new way to cook.Simple but outstanding, innovative but functional.
Today, Nucookery brings new creative high-quality kitchenware into our daily life,and constantly innovate and develop new products,making daily life more warm, interesting and comfortable. Family time and party time will become more passionate and convenient.
"HOME AND KITCHEN":kitchenwares, bathroom supplies, decorations
"PET SERIES":bowl,dish,additional tools
Nucookery will stick up fou you anyway.