Succinct Color Relief-design Butter Crock,Porcelain Big Belly In-curve Wall | Nucookery


The butter set series-Standing colorful modern relief design-Large capacity butter crock

this series include 3 colors let you to choice:

  • Turquoise
  • Red
  • White

size:4.2"x 4.1" High

High-quality raw materials, smooth ceramic surface

detail design

Taking into account the large amount of butter used by the family, we designed a large-capacity butter keeper.

  • The belly design is matched with the inner curved tank wall to effectively stabilize the inner tank without shaking and collision
  • The top spiral design increases the friction between the tank body and the hand Strength to make your grip firm
  • The smooth and flat top is conducive to stacking various utensils


Enjoy fresh and creamy butter every morning with this deluxe butter crock for counter!

Please look forward to Nucookery new series products!



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