How to distinguish different types of butter

butter type

The different types of butter

🌟Salted butter, unsalted butter

Both salted butter and unsalted butter are made from fats separated from milk. The milk fat content is about 85%, the moisture content is about 15%, and the melting point is about 32°C. They are commonly used natural fats in biscuit making.

Salted butter contains about 1.5% of salt, so if you use it to make salty cookies, you should pay attention to the amount of salt instead of salt. Don't add salt to salt!

🌟Fermented butter

The milk fat content of fermented butter is about 82%, which is relatively low. After fermentation, it smells slightly sour, the milk flavor is more intense, the texture is softer, and the color is closer to white. Compared with ordinary butter, the taste is refreshing, like silky chocolate, and it melts in the mouth.


The lower the milk fat content of fermented butter, the greater the expansion and expansion of the batter, and the greater the degree of deformation after baking.


Margarine is also known as vegetable butter or margarine. This type of oil contains water, spices and emulsifiers, so it is easier to whip than natural butter. In the same formula, compared with other butters, the biscuits made with margarine are looser. Because of the addition of emulsifiers, the melting point of the fat can be adjusted, so it is easier to handle and more stable, and the price is cheaper than natural butter.
But we don't recommend making it at home, or using it in stores that take the route of healthy baking, because artificial fat contains trans fatty acids, which is extremely harmful to the human body! ❌It may damage children's intelligence, affect growth and development, induce diabetes, cause arteriosclerosis and form thrombus. ❌

Shortening is a hydrogenated fat that is formed by decolorization and deodorization of fat. The melting point of fat can also be adjusted. Compared with margarine, it has a lighter milk flavor. It is suitable for making biscuits with whiter appearance or lighter milk flavor, and fruit biscuits with refreshing taste. . It is often used in batch-produced biscuit fillings.

There are also crispy flaky animal butters, which are used to make crispy breads and desserts, and the crisp layer is obvious

🧐How to judge the variety of butter? Depends on the packaging ingredient list!

〽️The ingredient list of ordinary butter is cream and water

〽️Fermented butter contains various fermented fungi. For example, President and Iron Tower butter are all fermented butter, containing lactic acid fermentation bacteria.

〽️Margarine, there will be refined animal and vegetable oils, flavors, etc. in the ingredient list, which are unhealthy!


Identify the type of butter!

Only then you can choose the butter that suits your needs!

In the next blog post, we will talk about what different butters are suitable for🎂

Have a good day.

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