How to store butter correctly

How to preserve the butter that has been opened for use is a problem that everyone is concerned about

The main requirements of butter packaging are to protect its beads, tissue, appearance, moisture and color. Airtight packaging is very important, not only to protect its fragrance from loss, but also to resist external odor pollution, because butter is easy to absorb foreign odor. Because of the emulsion characteristics of butter, the fat is particularly vulnerable to oxidation and rancidity.

So we need to pay attention to two things when we store butter: temperature, humidity and tightness.

Our daily use is often softened butter, used to spread bread, baking, cooking.

The butter stored at normal temperature is soft, but it will be easy to break if it is not stored properly. We can use the storage with excellent heat insulation material and strong sealing performance to store it. Ceramic material can effectively insulate the heat and bring its own cooling, so it is the preferred material for storing butter. As for what kind of utensils to use for storage, we also need to consider the capacity and the actual usage of each household.

If it is used in large quantity, we recommend Nucookery Porcelain Butter Dish for storage. The tall and deep design(6.7"x 4"x 3.4") can hold more butter or other snacks.The use of bamboo sealing cover can effectively maintain the temperature in the vessel, block external odor and prolong the service life of butter.

If the consumption is small, we recommend Nucookery Porcelain Butter Crock ,water to block the air, can maintain humidity and temperature environment, beautiful and humanized design, ensure that you will love it.

We are constantly innovating the design and development of butter container, please look forward to our new products.

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