How do we know what butter we need

butter type

🧐❓What products are the different butters suitable for?

Salted butter: can be directly applied to bread, make garlic salted bread, make salty cookies, and use to make western food cooking.

Unsalted butter: suitable for all kinds of cookies, cakes and other desserts, if you need salty taste, you can adjust and add it by yourself.

Fermented butter: making cookies, pound cakes, sponge cakes (milk flavor will be more intense) heavy oil cakes, butter frosting (fermented butter will be milky white in color and taste more refreshing)

Puffing butter: suitable for making puff pastry, croissant, napoleon, puff pastry, egg tart, etc.


If you want to know how to distinguish different types of butter, please refer to our previous article

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